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Water Quality Control Professionals Services
Water, Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater O & M
In a contract O&M arrangement, you own the assets and set utility rates while we take on the responsibility for day-to-day management of your water or wastewater facility or your entire system. We know stable operating costs and continuous regulatory compliance are essential to a healthy community, so we form strong partnerships to help improve environmental performance, preserve your capital investment and control your O&M costs.
Certified & licensed in the operation, maintenance and management of public and private water and wastewater (domestic & industrial) systems.
Consultations and inspections, including compliance and regulatory issues and full service troubleshooting.
Extensive reporting to regulatory agencies, including operational, routine, process control, Etc.
Production and implementation of general monitoring plans, emergency response plans, safety manuals and operational & maintenance plans.
Cross connection control plans
Consumer confidence reports
Valve exercising, repair and replacement.
PRV maintenance
Pump maintenance
24/7 Emergency response

WQCP can fulfill all your sampling needs. Sampling schedules are crucial to keep up with. Leave it to us to schedule, collect and deliver samples to state certified laboratories.
Drinking Water Testing
Wastewater Testing
Industrial Discharge Monitoring
GWUDI Testing

Fire Hydrant Maintenance
Flow testing
Traffic repairs
Main valve repairs

Leak Detection
From system wide surveys to pinpoint leak locating. We use the latest in leak correlation technology to help your system reduce unaccounted for water. 
Primayer Eureka 3+
Primayer Enigma 8 pod correlating logger system
Primayer Primetouch + Groundmic

Leak correlation
When a liquid under pressure escapes from a pipeline it creates a sound pressure wave (leak noise) which travels along the pipe from the exit point.The velocity at which the sound travels within the pipe depends mainly on the pipe diameter and material. Most leak correlators will use two sensors which are attached to the pipe on either side of the leak point.To perform a correlation the user will input the distance between the two sensors, and the pipe material (if known) into the base unit. Each sensor records the sound and transmits this data to a base unit, which measures the time difference between the leak noise signals arriving at each sensor. From this data, the base unit can calculate the precise location of the leak.

System Design
If you have a non-community water system let WQCP design and install your water treatment facility. The state allows NC systems to design and submit plans for review without a stamp from an engineer. If you have a community system please call for assistance. WQCP works closely with multiple engineering firms and will match your system with the firm that will work the best for you situation.

Well Level Logging
Water level information is important for managing groundwater resources, developing groundwater availability models, and planning to meet future demands for water.
Monitoring groundwater levels in wells serve much the same purpose as periodically 
checking the oil-level dipstick on an automobile engine. If the engine developed a 
problem and started using oil, the dipstick oil mark would alert the driver before 
expensive repairs are needed. Similarly, the monitoring well network helps serve as an 
early warning system that can identify where groundwater use is occurring at a rate that 
the aquifers of Colorado cannot sustain indefinitely.
WQCP uses Solinst Level loader, Levelloger and software to measure groundwater levels.